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Introducing The 360Seven Sales system from The Three Sixty Group.

The perfect sales system for an imperfect world.

Discover the seven steps to guarantee sales success.

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The 360Seven is a comprehensive sales system that blends objective science with the sometimes intangible personal aspects of selling.

The 360Seven aims to increase the size and enhance the accuracy of sales forecasts, by improving both the strategic and tactical skills of your sales professionals.

Cultivate. Analyse. Initiate. Understand. Present. Assure. Confirm.
Analyse. Objectives. Plans. Actions.
Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory... 
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat’. Sun Tzu

Following some sound analysis of your market and customers, your objective is to get yourself in the right place with the right people at the right time, so you can tactically make the right presentation. The most important part of complex selling, is setting the right strategy. You’ll learn all the key aspects of how to do this by building a clear plan and tangible actions, which shape every sales activity.

Initiate. Rapport. Interest. Agenda.
'You never get a second chance to make a first impression'

You’ve worked hard to get in front of your key customers – now it’s essential that you make the most of the interaction. A deal can’t necessarily be won in the first few minutes of a sales call, but it can certainly be lost. Despite being a short phase of a sales call, it’s essential to get things off to a great start.

Understand. Motivations. Dissatisfcations. Aspirations.
‘Walk a mile in your customer’s shoes and you’ll understand exactly what they want and why’

Once you know exactly what your customers want, selling suddenly becomes a lot easier! The only way to achieve this is to adopt a consultative selling approach. Getting to the root of your customers’ motivations, dissatisfactions and future aspirations, enables you to build solutions that add value and lead to repeat business. This module will teach you the skills to uncover all of your customers’ needs in an easy to understand and highly effective format.

Present. Results. Capabilities. Differentiators.
‘Move your audience to action!’

A great orator is able to take an audience on a journey and create meaningful change. A sales presentation delivered with skill is often the difference between you and your competition. Add power to your pitch and panache to public speaking by finding your own voice.

Assure. Empathy. Evidence. Alternatives.
‘No sensible person ever says yes straight away’

When a prospect is weighing up the pros and cons of your offer, they will have some legitimate questions. This can sometime feel like rejection, but it shouldn’t - it’s just part of the process. This part of a sales process is commonly referred to as ‘objection handling’. It really isn’t something to worry about. It could be more simply described as assuring your prospect that you understand their concerns, can provide evidence to back up your claims and provide alternatives if necessary. Handled correctly, objections are a strong buying signal. This module will enable you to recognise the different types of objection and handle them with skill.

Confirm. Agreement. Follow Up. Milestones.
‘A.B.C Always be closing’ – or perhaps not…

Pushy salespeople scare customers away – fact. All the closing techniques in the world won’t help you if what you are asking is unreasonable. But let’s face it, you’ve got to secure a commitment to your sales objective or everything that has gone before is a waste of your time. Learn how to close the sale in a professional manner without any horrible push…

Cultivate. Nourish. Integrate. Propagate.
‘The best way to win new business is by cultivating what you already have’.

Hunting cold business is hard work. However, cultivating the business you have, to win the business you haven’t, is the most pain-free way to prospect. Providing great service, sharing goals and networking within your industry all help turn your hard-won customers into powerful allies. Integrity and reputation built on delivery are your most powerful weapons to scale your business. This module is all about turning customers into advocates and leveraging them to win new ones.

By applying the 360seven in a circular repeating process at both a micro and macro level, (what we’d commonly refer to as sales and marketing), you can unify the two disciplines, getting the whole team working together toward the same goals. What’s more, you simultaneously give the accountants the predictability they crave.

Macro. Strategic Groups (Marketing).
Cultivate. Analyse. Initiate. Understand. Present. Assure. Confirm.
Micro. Tactical Individuals (Sales).

I’d just like to say thank you once again for the brilliant training you delivered over the past couple of days. It was absolutely fantastic and I’ve learned a lot! The Strategy Sheet is my new best friend and I’m looking forward to putting the training into action.

Samantha Cameron

Clinical Support Manager

Nihon Kohden

I've done several of these sessions before but none as good. Excellent - thank you

Duncan Campbell

Business Development Manager

Nihon Kohden

Thanks Martyn Jellett for such an inspiring couple of days, it's been most helpful. I feel much more focused and confident about complex strategic selling.

Alisha Friaser

Critical Care Sales

Nihon Kohden

"Martyn brought fun and a wealth of personal experience on our training day with really valuable take away tips for the whole team!"

Fiona Redfern

Regional Sales Manager

Lavender Medical

"The training was thought provoking but most of all engaging. My team came away buzzing with fresh ideas and strategies that have already helped boost our sales pipeline."

Tom Ruddy


Medacta International

"I thoroughly enjoyed today's sales training session, even for someone as experienced as me there was plenty to recap and refocus on."


Sales Trainee

"Engaging, suitable for a range of levels, informative but not too much. Martyn is very good at allowing discussion amongst the delegates and stimulating ideas."


Sales Trainee